by Reba Baskett

Being a minimalist and also being a tech-loving person can often be at odds with each other.


Camera Body

Olympus EM5mkIII

I’ve shot Olympus (OM Digital Solutions) since 2012. They are great cameras that are small, powerful, and fun. I’ve tried many other brands but keep coming back to these cameras.


Everyday Carry Lens:
Olympus 17mm 1.8 (35mm full-frame equivalent) – This tiny lens is almost always mounted on the camera.

Olympus 12-100mm F4 – This is my travel lens because it’s a little wider and has a bit more zoom. It’s a great all-in-one lens and the close focusing distances make it a suitable macro lens.

Olympus 60mm – A fun little macro lens that is very small and allows you to focus at a close distance.



Currently, I’m shooting the 12 Max Pro. I usually upgrade my phone every year. One of the few pieces of tech that I do upgrade every year.

iPad Pro
I love my iPad pro. It’s become, my main photo editor with the Apple Pencil. I also do all my writing on my iPad with the Magic Keyboard. It’s an amazing setup and when I travel this is all I bring. The laptop stays home.

MacBook Pro
I’ve been all Mac since the 1990s. The mac is powerful and just works. I use my laptop much less these days thanks to the iPad. If I did not need it for my professional work I would be all iPad for my personal work



Photo Editing
Lightroom CC and Classic – I use both versions of Lightroom to edit. Both have features that I use.

Video Editing
Final Cut Pro – Powerful video editor from Apple. I’ve tried Premiere Pro but always find myself back with Final Cut.

More Coming Soon – mobile, productivity, and more apps.


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