Creative & Productivity Tools

Being a minimalist and also being a tech-loving person can often be at odds with each other. I must work hard to control my G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). Below is a list of my curated tools. I often evaluate this list and sell off items I no longer use.
(updated 6.3.2022)



Fuji XT4
I love this camera and all the manual controls right on the body. The film simulations are stunning, and the camera body is also not too large. All around, one of the best cameras on the market today.

Lenses I Use

  • Fuji 14mm 2.8
  • Fuji 23mm f 2
  • Fuji 60mm f 2.8 Macro
macbook pro


Currently, I’m shooting the 12 Max Pro.

iPad Pro
I love my iPad pro. I do most of my writing on my iPad with the Magic Keyboard and love editing photos with the Apple Pencil. It’s a fantastic setup; this is all I bring when traveling.

14″ M1 MacBook Pro
I’ve been all Mac since the 1990s – they are powerful and work. The new M1 Macbook Pro is fantastic. I love that the SD card reader is back. The screen is beautiful, and the keyboard has an excellent feel while typing, not to mention that the laptop is blazing fast!


Creative Software

Photo Editing
Lightroom CC and Classic
I use both versions of Lightroom to edit. Both have features that I use.

Video Editing
Final Cut Pro
Powerful video editor from Apple. I’ve tried Premiere Pro but always find myself back with Final Cut.


Productivity Software

Second Brain and Projects
I keep my digital brain in Evernote. Design ideas, recipes, warranties, receipts, and projects, and I even write my blog posts. Evernote is a powerful tool to help keep my life organized.

Apple Reminders
I’ve tried them all but keep returning to Apple Reminders’s simplicity. I also love how it integrates with Fantastical so that I can get a list of calendar dates and tasks at a glance. I also have Homepods around my house, so I can ask Siri to add things to various lists as I think of them.