My Gear

Being a minimalist and also being a tech-loving person can often be at odds with each other. I have to work hard to keep my G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) under control. Below is a list of my curated tech. I often evaluate this list and sell off items I no longer use.


Camera Body

For the last year, I’ve been using the Fuji XT-4. It’s a powerhouse camera. It’s more camera than I really need but I’ve fallen in love with the Fuji line. The colors you can get straight out of the camera are amazing. Coming from a  background in film photography, the film simulations are top-notch. The RAW files are easy to edit in Lightroom and the profiles give me a quick base to achieve the final look I want.


Everyday Carry Lens:
Fuji 23mm f2 (35mm full-frame equivalent) – This tiny lens is almost always mounted on the camera. I’ve thought about selling everything and just getting a Fuji x100v because I use this focal length so much.

Portrait Lens:
Fuji 35mm f2 (50mm full-frame equivalent)  – I don’t shoot a lot of portraits but when I do this is the lens I grab. I also take this on some street photograph outings if I’m wanting to get some closer shots while keeping some distance.

Fuji 16-80 f4 – This is my travel lens because it’s a little wider and has a bit more zoom.  It’s a great all-in-one lens and the close focusing distances make it a suitable macro lens.



Currently, I’m shooting the 12 Max Pro. I usually upgrade my phone every year. One of the few pieces of tech that I do upgrade every year.

iPad Pro
I love my iPad pro. It’s become, my main photo editor with the Apple Pencil. I also do all my writing on my iPad with the Magic Keyboard. It’s an amazing setup and when I travel this is all I bring. The laptop stays home.

MacBook Pro
I’ve been all Mac since the 1990s. The mac is powerful and just works. I use my laptop much less these days thanks to the iPad. If I did not need it for my professional work I would be all iPad for my personal work.



Photo Editing
Lightroom CC and Classic – I use both versions of Lightroom to edit. Both have features that I use.

Video Editing
Final Cut Pro – Powerful video editor from Apple. I’ve tried Premiere Pro but always find myself back with Final Cut.

More Coming Soon – mobile, productivity, and more apps.