Hello, I’m Reba.
I’m Developing A Creative
And Minimal Lifestyle.

I’m driven by curiosity and a desire to document the world around me. I love roaming the streets and capturing fleeting moments as much as I love grabbing my camera and heading out into nature.

Originally, I’m from West Texas but currently live in Nashville, TN. I attended Belmont University in Nashville. After almost failing my photography class in college, I graduated with a degree in studio art, which I’ve done nothing with.

For many years, I worked in the music industry – working with record labels and artists in all communication areas. I built websites, created online fan clubs, ran marketing campaigns, shot concert photography and behind-the-scenes videos. I even worked in a concert venue and skate shop at one point. I still work in communications but left the music industry behind many years ago.

My favorite things include my dog, British murder mysteries, Star Trek, street photography, all things Apple, weekend road trips, and good stories.


Gear List

You can be a minimalist and still have gear.

Books Recommendations

Books that helped me on my journey.