by Reba Baskett

Hello! I’m a Nashville-based creative who is focusing on developing a creative and minimal lifestyle.

I’m driven by curiosity and a desire to document the world around me. I love roaming the streets and capturing fleeting moments. My camera and my desire to capture life has given me the inspiration to travel somewhere new every year.

Originally, I’m from West Texas but currently live in Nashville, TN. After almost failing my photography class in college, I graduated from Belmont University with a degree in studio art, which I’ve done nothing with. I worked in the music industry for many years building websites, creating online fan clubs, running marketing campaigns, shooting concert photography, and behind the scenes videos. Currently, I work at a church in the communication department.

My favorite things include my dog, British murder mysteries, Doctor Who, street photography, all things Apple, weekend road trips, and good stories.s.

About This Site

This site is where I talk about photography, minimalism,  and creativity.

I’m working towards a goal of creating more with less and changing my style of photography to more documentary style photography. I want to share the process and to offer you inspiration to start your own creative journey.

All the photos on the site were taken by me unless otherwise noted.


Most of all, if I can help with your journey, please drop me an email or contact me via social media.

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