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I’m Reba Baskett, a Nashville-based photographer & designer. This site documents my creative process.


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My Five Favorite Books on Creativity

We have all been there. Ideas are not coming. Motivation is gone - the tank is empty. What do we do? Where do we turn? For me I have a series of books that. I always keep close. These are books I’ve read several times and always get something out of. Here...

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Weekly Inspiration

I wanted to start a new series of weekly inspirations. I find that when I'm stuck or looking for something different to inspire me I like to see what inspires other people. So each week I'm going to post the things that have inspired me. Music Fleet Foxes: I've loved...

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Ozone Falls

This last week I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog. It has been a very hard week to say the least. I decided I needed to get out and clear my head a bit so I found a waterfall I had not been too and headed out.  Ozone Falls is about two hours East of Nashville off of...

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