We all seek to live an intentional life, but somehow life always seems to get in the way of our best plans. I’ve been working on simplifying my life, creating solid systems, and making space for creativity all my adult life. I’m sharing those tools with you.


Hi, I’m Reba.

I don’t like to make things overcomplicated but I do believe in finding the best way to do all things. Sometimes that means a lot of trial and error. I’m sharing what has worked for me so that maybe you can garner a few tips that help you on your journey.


Exploring ways to bring creativity to your everyday life.



Helping you create systems that make your goals attainable.



Creating space in your physical and digital life to have room to breathe.

Creative Projects help fuel our desire to create more. My personal creative projects are centered around photography.


I’m fascinated with stories – the ones we create through art, ones we watch, ones we read, and the ones we live. Creativity matters. How we interact with the world – what we put out matters. I believe we become who we are meant to be by embracing the rough edges of creativity.



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Things I’m Digging – April 2022

Things I’m Digging – April 2022

It's hard to believe that it is May as I'm typing this. The year is flying by. April was a great month for music. Here are a few things I was into in April Crooked Tree - Molly Tuttle This album was on heavy repeat all month. It's all the things I love - good lyrics,...

Books I’ve read in 2022 (so far)

Books I’ve read in 2022 (so far)

It's already April. Spring is here, and as we get ready for longer days of spending time outside, I wanted to update my reading list for 2022 so far. This winter was full of a few really good reads. This winter, I read more novels than I've read in a while. It's been...