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I’m Reba Baskett, a Nashville-based photographer & designer. This site documents my creative process.


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Giving Up

It's August in Tennessee which usually means unbearable heat and humidity but Mother Nature has seen fit to give us a break for a bit. Today was great weather so I decided to head down to Chattanooga for a little bit of exploring. It was not great photo weather as it...

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Finding Style

Recently, I've been rethinking my photography. What do I like to shoot? How do I like to shoot? How do I want to edit? Are just a few of the questions I've been rolling around. I've only shot a handful of times all year because I was just not in the head space to...

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My Five Favorite Books on Creativity

We have all been there. Ideas are not coming. Motivation is gone - the tank is empty. What do we do? Where do we turn? For me I have a series of books that. I always keep close. These are books I’ve read several times and always get something out of. Here...

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