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  • Boost Your Creativity p.5

    This is another hard one. Social media is a black hole that we all fall victim to. It’s easy to get sucked into scrolling through each social media outlet. Study after study has found social media changes our brains. We become discontent with what we have; we compare ourselves with what we see.

  • Boost Your Creativity P.4

    Continuing the series Boosting Your Creativity. This is part four – what you invest in.

    Investing in yourself helps your creative thinking in so many ways.

    • It allows you to know you are worth investing in
    • It gives you practical training in a skill
    • It can open your mind to new ideas
    • It could allow you to meet other creators like you
  • Boost Your Creativity p.3

    How We think

    We all do it. I’m not talented,  I can’t paint as well as they do, I can’t run as fast as them, etc…the negative self-talk has to stop. Things go a little sideways and the voices start. It may seem impossible to stop this but it’s not. It just takes some conscious thinking. One of the most effective ways I’ve tried is one from Mel Robbins called the 5-second rule. It’s simple when the voices start just count backward to 5. After you get to 1 proceed doing what you were doing without the voices. I find the more I practice this the more it works.

  • Boost Your Creativity p.2

    Welcome to part two of ways to boost your creativity – taking care of yourself to inspire creativity.

    Ready, Set, Jump! Literally, go jump.