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  • Six Creative Apps for your iPhone

    Everyone has their phone with them all the time. Got five minutes; let’s scroll Instagram or break the latest jewel game, but what if we used it as a tool rather than a time killer?

    Recently, I removed all games from my phone, so I’m not tempted to spend my time making three jewels match. I also deleted Facebook and messenger. I still have Instagram, but it’s not on my main iPhone screen. I tailored my iPhone screen to help me stay on task and want to create.

    The creative apps I keep on my home screen:

    Camera app

    The native camera app is excellent, and for quick photos, it’s the primary go-to.

    Moment Camera App

    This is the only other app I have for taking photos or videos. I sometimes use the Moment lenses. This app lets me control those settings, but even if you don’t have the lenses, I find this the best all-around photo/video app other than the stock app. Lots of handy controls to give you complete control over how your images will look. Unlock pro features for a low one-time cost.

    Check out the Moment app


    I’ve used VSCO since back in the old days when they were Lightroom desktop plugins only. This is a great app to stylize photos and even create some basic collages, animated gif-type graphics, and some double exposures. It’s a fun tool to work on those creative muscles. Pay monthly or yearly to save a few bucks.

    Check out the VSCO App


    This is the primary app I use to create Instagram stories. I use Final Cut Pro on my Mac for more advanced stories, but this is my go-to app on my iPhone. The selection of ready-made templates is fantastic, and they have video and photo versions. It’s easy enough to customize what you want. You can also edit your Instagram feed, schedule posts, and more. If you want a basic Instagram bio link, you can also do this in Unfold. You can also create brand standards to use for your posts. This app is owned by Squarespace is a great app to add to your social media arsenal. Pay monthly or yearly to save a few bucks.

    Check out Unfold App

    Adobe Capture

    Ever see a color you love or a font you want to remember on the go? This is your app. Adobe capture is a powerful addition to your design flow. You can capture vector shapes and color schemes; you can even capture audio in Adobe Rush or Premiere projects. It’s like a creative locker for your on-the-go ideas and things you see. Included in your creative suite subscription.

    Check out Adobe Capture App

    Adobe Lightroom

    I use Lightroom more on my iPad, but this is a must-have app for editing photos on the go. It’s the best mobile editor on the market, and they keep improving it. It’s easier than ever to create masks to selectively edit your images. The iPhone takes excellent photos, but with a few adjustments in Lightroom, they can really stand out from the crowd. Monthly or yearly subscription.

    Check out Adobe Lightroom App

    Be Creative

    It’s easy to break jewels on our iPhones or get caught up in the social media doom scroll. Still, iPhones are a creative powerhouse just waiting to be used to their full potential. So don’t let inspiration escape you. Take that pictures, capture that audio, and grab those color samples. Edit photos, create online stories, share a video, and let the world see your unique creativity.

  • 10 Street Photography accounts to follow on Instagram

    Street photography is more popular than ever. I see more and more people hitting the streets and wanting to capture images of what they see around them. If you are looking for good photographers to follow, just hoping on Instagram can be overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorites to help you find inspiration.

    Street Photography Accounts To follow

    1. Vivian Maier – If you have never heard of Vivian, then she would be my first stop. She was discovered after her death that left a storage unit full of negatives to be bought at auction. The stories she tells with her photos demonstrate why so many people want to tell stories through street photography. She captures these moments of pure bliss surprise and paints a picture of the time she lived in.


    2. Valerie Jardin – One of my favorite alive street storytellers. Valerie is also a fantastic teacher with a great library of books to use as resources. I was lucky enough to attend a street walk with Valerie many years back, and she really inspired me to get out and shoot.


    3. Roman Fox – A London-based photographer who captures impressive scenes from one of my favorite cities. His photos always transport me away to London but are timeless and could be on any street in the world.


    4. Tom Beware My Fuji – If the night speaks to you, this is an excellent account for inspiration. I love watching his reels of his creative double exposures.


    5. Dina Alfasi – An iPhone photographer that captures amazing daily stories. She captures pictures of her commute and life with unique details.


    6. Valérie Six – Beautiful street images filled with small moments.


    7. Mary Jo Boughton – Detroit-based street shooter. Always has an eye for unique street portraits and fun street scenes.


    8. Suzanna Stein – Her street portraits are gritty and honest. They always make me want more of the story.


    9. Rinzi Ruiz – Shadow-play and great street scenes. The images are simple in elements, making them powerful in their stories.


    10. Brian Lloyd Duckett – Street scenes from all over the world. Brian leads photo workshops, so he always has inspiring street scenes from all over the world.


    These are a few street photographers that I follow on Instagram and glean great inspiration from. If you know of some great photographers to follow, drop them below.

  • Boost Your Creativity p.5

    This is another hard one. Social media is a black hole that we all fall victim to. It’s easy to get sucked into scrolling through each social media outlet. Study after study has found social media changes our brains. We become discontent with what we have; we compare ourselves with what we see.

  • Boost Your Creativity P.4

    Continuing the series Boosting Your Creativity. This is part four – what you invest in.

    Investing in yourself helps your creative thinking in so many ways.

    • It allows you to know you are worth investing in
    • It gives you practical training in a skill
    • It can open your mind to new ideas
    • It could allow you to meet other creators like you