Things I’m Digging – April 2022

It’s hard to believe that it is May as I’m typing this. The year is flying by. April was a great month for music. Here are a few things I was into in April

Crooked Tree – Molly Tuttle


This album was on heavy repeat all month. It’s all the things I love – good lyrics, folk/Americana music style. This is a great album to check out!

People say I'm different and my way of life seems strange
I took the road less traveled, twists and turns along the way
But like the crooked tree, 
I'm growing stronger day by day as the clouds roll by
A river never wonders why it flows around the bend
A mountain doesn't question how it rose up from the land
So who am I to wish I wasn't just the way I am? Who am I?



An album that was too long in the waiting but well worth the wait. JOHNNYSWIM is one of those bands that I can listen to over and over. I had this album on repeat for the first week and in heavy rotation since then. All the songs are just perfect. One of my favorite songs is “Desmond’s Song” – yes, it is named after Lost’s tv character Desmond and even has elements from the TV show throughout the whole song. The first time I heard it I got goosebumps.

Beautiful dream, lost in a moment
Woke up too soon to find you're gone
I would've stayed right there forever
Had I known
Tell me you're here, not just in moments
Tell me you'll find me in the light
I'll give you my hand, my always
Find your way back to my life

Fringe –

This was a show I watched from episode one. It’s the perfect sci-fi show with parallel universes, time travel, strange creatures, and more. A lot of people thought it was a modern-day X-file and while there are elements of the strange and bizarre Fringe took all that a step further and created multiple universes, alien invasions, and has a mad (but lovable) scientist behind the F.B.I special division. Fringe ended in 2013 and I had been wanting to do a rewatch. This winter I decided was a perfect time! I loved this show, even more, the second time around – no waiting week to week or several months between episodes. I caught a lot more themes through the show and nods to other sci-fi shows. If you are looking for a great watch check this show out. Warning it can be a little gross at times.

I watched it on HBO Max. 

DegThai –

Thai street food is right up the road from me. I’ve had the Pad Thai with chicken several times this month. If you are in the Nashville area this place it amazing. I also have a little love affair with their Thai Green Tea. 


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