Apple MacBook Pro

I’ve been using Apple Computers for almost 20 years. I don’t feel the need to tinker with my computer – I just want it to work. If something does not go according to plan I want good support.

iPad Pro

This is my main travel computer. I can easily edit photos and do all the business I need when I’m traveling. 

Western Digital Wireless

This is a new addition to my travel life. With the SD card reader built into the drive, it’s a great way to back up photos on the go.


I’ve been with the iPhone since first generation. Every year it becomes more of a powerhouse. My iPhone is provably my most used tool from: photos, emails, social media, editing, and organizing. 


Site Ground – Hosting

I’ve been using site ground for web hosting for a few years. Customer service is top notch and I’ve never had an issue with downtime or my site being slowed down.

WordPress – CMS (Content Management System)

Flexible and reliable. I love WordPress. It’s what I recommend for all new sites. 


Lightroom – Editing

The go to app for all my photo editing. I use the desktop and mobile version. I’ve tried a lot of other apps and I keep coming back to Lightroom. It’s my keep it simple -go to photo editor.


Evernote– Digital Brain

I dump tons of information into Evernote. I keep a commonplace notebook along with a photo and design notebook for ideas and inspiration.

Todoist – ToDo’s, Projects & Life Management

I’m a list maker. Todoist helps me keep all those lists in once place and organized. I would be lost without my lists and project timelines. 

Fantastical – Calendar

It’s love. That was my though upon using Fantastical for the first time. This app is a must on all my devices. I use iCloud and Google calendars (for different purposes) and this integrates both of them beautifully.

Apple Notes – Notes

Over the years Apple Notes has grown more robust. It’s a great way to keep fast notes, sketches (on the iPad pro), Instagram tags, and more. It’s not quite powerful enough for me to give up Evernote but it is getting close. I also write a lot of blog posts in Notes.

Apple Mail – Email

There are so many email apps out there and I keep coming back to Apple Mail. Sure, it’s simple but that is what I like. It works great with my IMAP accounts.

Have thoughts on the products I use?

Would like me to know about an app or test one out? Drop me an email.