Brevitē- My new Everyday Carry Bag

Brevitē- My new Everyday Carry Bag


First of all, let me say that I’m a camera bag addict. I have tried almost all the major camera bags on the market. I have purchased a lot of them. I currently have five bags sitting in my office closet (I’m selling a lot of them). I have tried messenger bags, slings, backpacks, and fashion bags – all of them. I have had bags from ONA, Peak Design, Lowepro, ThinkTank, Tenba, etc. I have tried hundreds of bags over the years.

For the last several years, I’ve been using the Peak Design slings, and they are great bags, but I started finding them lacking for my everyday carry (EDC). I had to carry my bigger headphones, water bottle, lunch bag, and phone in my hands, and then I started dropping stuff. So I went on a search for a better bag. I had the Peak Design 20L backpack, which is excellent for trips, but I did not want to carry it all day – every day. So I took to Google and Youtube. I ordered a few backpacks and returned them because they were not quite right. Then I came across Brevitē on Instagram. The bag looks like a backpack I would have carried in junior high—nothing fancy but stylish in a minimal way. I started watching videos on the bag and decided to order one. These bags sell out often, so if I wanted the black version, I would have to wait four weeks, and I wanted one sooner than that. So I went with the Royal Blue version. The moment I opened the package, I could tell this was my bag. It’s just the right size and weight. It’s not awkward or too heavy, even loaded with my camera, laptop, earphones, water bottle, and other various things.

Below is a list of what I like and don’t like about it. This bag is an excellent purchase for someone looking for an EDC to carry gear or who heads out on weekend adventures.


  • I wish the straps were a bit more padded. They are not uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten used to the cushy Peak Design straps.
  • Colors – they have loads of colors to choose from, but I’m not crazy about a lot of them. I like the blue I got but wish they had a dark purple or more stock of the black. I wanted the yellow but was afraid it would get dirty quickly.
  • Smaller pockets – it has big front organizational pockets, but I wish it had a few smaller compartments for things like SD cards, batteries, and AirTag.
  • It would be nice if the laptop compartment had a small sleeve for an iPad.


  • Plenty of room for camera gear. I don’t carry a ton of camera gear every day. So this bag has ample space for adding a lot more equipment than I even own.
  • Has ample storage for things like earphones, notebooks, pens, masks, and personal items.
  • Four compartments in the front storage and big open pockets means you can keep your stuff organized in your bag.
  • Easy camera access – this is a big one. There is a side pocket, so you can quickly grab your camera out of your bag without taking it off. Easy Camera access is a must-have for me.
  • Passport/wallet area – a small pocket is tucked into your back so you can keep your passport or wallet extra safe.
  • Grab Handle – having a top grab handle is a must for a quick grab and go.
  • Luggage strap is excellent for when I start traveling again.
  • Stands up – It’s funny that I did not think much about something until I started setting my bag down, and it stayed up. I’m not ever fumbling to pick this thing up since it’s always upright.
  • Water bottle holder – I have a water bottle with me every day, so having a dedicated spot is fantastic. I loved the Peak Design sling, but there was no place to stick a water bottle.
  • Minimal – this bag does not scream camera bag. It looks like a regular everyday bag, so it does not scream I’m loaded with expensive gear.

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