Boost Your Creativity p.3

Boost Your Creativity p.3

How We think

We all do it. I’m not talented,  I can’t paint as well as they do, I can’t run as fast as them, etc…the negative self-talk has to stop. Things go a little sideways and the voices start. It may seem impossible to stop this but it’s not. It just takes some conscious thinking. One of the most effective ways I’ve tried is one from Mel Robbins called the 5-second rule. It’s simple when the voices start just count backward to 5. After you get to 1 proceed doing what you were doing without the voices. I find the more I practice this the more it works.

Clean it out

Another important part of this is making sure you are putting good stuff inside your head. Feed your brain things that spark creativity and bring you happiness. Read a great book, visit a museum, see the latest movie, or even just sit down and color with your kids (or by yourself). The old saying, garbage in – garbage out, is true but it’s also true that creativity in – creativity out.

Another very important step is to remove toxic from your life. Toxic might come in many forms: people, tv shows, music, job, or many other forms. This is one of the hardest things but can bring the biggest rewards. Identifying what is toxic is an important step to learning your mind so positive can come in.

a labyrinth is a great way to practice mindfulness
a labyrinth is a great way to practice mindfulness


I also like to practice mindfulness. It’s taking the time to just be present with yourself. There are many ways to start. If you have an Apple Watch and Watch OS 8 you have a mindfulness timer with prompts. It’s a great way to start practicing being still. 

Along the lines of mindfulness is meditation. For me,  I keep meditation simple with breath practice. I literally sit down and breathe in and out and in my head just say in and out with my breath. It calms and clears your mind (as an added bonus it helps lower your heart rate and blood pressure).

I use the Balance app but there are many apps out there. Find one that works for you. Apple Fitness+ also recently added meditation. 

Take Away

Take those small steps to make sure you are talking to yourself how you would talk to others. When the negative self-talk starts stop yourself by whatever means you have at your disposal. Building a few habits like mindfulness, meditation, or counting to five are powerful habits to have in your arsenal.

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