Reba Baskett

  • Back in November 2015, I spent a week in Paris, so naturally, I did a little street shooting. I was with a family member so I did not get to do as much shooting as I really wish to do. Shooting street photography is very hard when you have to…

  • It’s National Camera Day. To celebrate I took out my Olympus EM5mkII and a selection of my favorite lenses. Even though it was early morning the light was bright as there are no clouds in the sky to soften the natural light. I stumbled across some lovely flowers which had…

  • I love street photography but I do not get to partake in it enough. Nashville has one main strip downtown called Broadway. It’s full of tourists in boots and hats, bars, nightclubs, and food. In the summer Broadway seems like it is always busy. These were shot a few months…

  • Owl Siblings

    by Reba Baskett

    Another walk around Radnor Lake and this time I spotted the owl siblings. They were waiting to be fed and were very curious about what was going on beneath them.

  • Barn Owl

    by Reba Baskett

    I like to take walks around Radnor lake. One of the lake’s local population decided to check me out.

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