Hraunfossar was one of the most surprising stops. It’s off the road quite a bit but worth stopping. It’s an area that is kind of desolate but when you get to the waterfalls you are blown away. The color of the water is amazing. The color is from the water coming from two sources -one from a glacier and one from a lava field. The craziest and most beautiful blue water.



Laufás turf house

The only turf house I went in. Turf houses were built in response to the harsh weather in Iceland. Walking around this house is just amazing. Multiple rooms, great views from the upper floors, and their own little church.

On the way into Reykjavík I saw my last batch of ponies. I just love these guys.


I did not have a lot of time in the Capital city – which is a shame. What little time I did spend in the city was a fun

Blue Lagoon

The last day in Iceland I visited the Blue lagoon. I don’t normally hit “tourist traps” but I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing morning relaxing before heading to the airport to catch the plane back to the states. The Blue Lagoon is highly recommended. I went early so there were not many people but by the time I left, it was getting quite full. So go early if you get the chance to go. All these were shot on an old Olympus Tough camera.

That concludes my Iceland pictures – for now!