Geyers, Waterfalls, Horses and More Iceland

by Reba Baskett

Iceland Travel Notes

All the shots in this post were taken in one day. It’s amazing how fast the landscape and weather change in Iceland. It really makes a challenge for photographers.

Iceland Roadside Church

Strokkur Geyser

Stokkur is one of the most reliable geysers in the world. It blows every 6-8 minutes. It was so fascinating to sit and watch. Right before it was going to blow you would see this blue bubble forming. I watched it blow at least 6 times. It’s an amazing geothermal area with pools everywhere.


These images were the hardest to capture from the whole trip. The sun was incredibly bright and the water in the falls was extreme. The whole area was covered in mist and even if you were a distance from the falls your lens element got wet. Since it was so sunny I was treated to a rainbow created by the falls. This was also the most tourists I saw in one area, even with a ten stop ND filter you could not blur out the mass of people.


I read around every corner in Iceland is a picture and I can say that it is true. Some random shots from driving around during the day.



By the time I got to Vik it was late in the day and I was running on steam. I wanted to get to the hotel and get some rest. I rushed through a few pictures.


This was the last stop of the day before the hotel. This waterfall was a beauty! It was not even a busy site. It’s hard to tell scale on these and I was lucky this guy in a bright orange jacket decided to walk into one of my shots.

Hotel View

When I pulled into the hotel this was the view that wished me goodnight. In May the sun never really sets. I don’t think I ever saw darkness in Iceland so this was as close as I got to sunset my whole trip.


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