I’ve been told I was one of those people…you know the creative ones. I’ve always said everyone is creative and people always tell me, yes, but some people are more creative. It’s always been one of my pet peeves but I’m starting to agree.

Creativity is hard. It’s a muscle that when used flourishes and when ignored shrinks. Lately, I feel like I’ve been ignoring that muscle. I’m working in a job that feeds insecurity in my abilities. I’ve been doing websites that require little effort on my part. I’ve not been blogging. I’ve stepped back from taking photos. I’ve been watching too much tv and not working out enough. I’ve not gone on hikes. I’ve starved all the things that help my creativity. Creativity is hard.

Creativity is hard, but it should bring you joy. Creating to create should bring joy to the creator. It’s not until we put the work out in the world and put too much weight into what others think that the joy starts fading. That photo you loved and took the time to painstakingly edit only got 40 likes on Instagram. Your YouTube video that took a month to shoot and edit only got 100 views, 15 thumb ups, and 10 thumb downs. Creativity is not about what others think…creativity is hard but it should bring you joy.

Creativity is hard, but it matters. When you start to ignore that drive to create the voice starts getting quieter. You ignore it a bit more and it starts whispering. You stop listening and the voice stops talking. Your drive is gone and it will take a major reboot to get it back. When that voice dies a piece of your soul dies. When that piece of your soul dies you are not who you are meant to be and it matters. Creativity is hard but it matters.

Creativity is hard, but it’s worth the fight. If you are too tired to listen to that voice – step back and figure out what is taking up so much space.

Make the time and fight for your creativity – it matters – you matter and it’s worth it and so are you.