This spring has seemed slow. The blooms came later, the rain heavier, the wind stronger. So, spring in Nashville seemed like it would never arrive. Thankfully, this morning spring introduced itself in the most delightful way – a perfect morning at Cheekwood (Nashville’s botanical garden).

It started out with a nice rain and then the clouds decided to stay and the best thing the wind was low which means it’s perfect conditions to be photographing flowers. I kept a light kit this morning with my Olympus EM1mkii, Olympus 12-100 Pro, Olympus 60mm Macro, and Olympus 25mm PRO. I also had a Joby Gorilla Pod – just in case. I loved getting out and spending the morning playing in the gardens!

Image Gallery

I tried to play with different kinds of shots. I wanted to get close and focus on the raindrops and capture color. I played with different angles and focus points. I ended up loving my results. The hardest part was narrowing down my images to the ones that I really loved because I had so many shots that I really liked. So here are the images I ended up picking as my favorites.

I hope you are enjoying spring.