I’ve been using the Olympus PenF with the Olympus 17mm 1.8 for my street photography for about a year but recently, I picked up the Fuji X100F. I keep reading about it being a great street shooter so I was curious. I decided to do a comparison to see which one I ultimately ended up liking more for a walk around camera and ultimately, street photography.

Fuji X100F vs Olympus Penf

Form Function
PenF – I found it faster and easier to switch between color profiles and the super control panel is so much more intuitive than the Fuji menu.

Feel in Hand
x100F – I think the Fuji feels a little better in my hands in its natural state. I have a grip on my PenF because it naturally has no grip which makes it hard to hold after awhile.

Camera Appearance
PenF – This is a tough call and I almost called it a tie but I really like the looks of the PenF. It’s a beautiful camera. Every dial was though out and it just oozes beauty.

Out of Camera JPG
x100F – I have to give this one to the Fuji. One of the things that made me really want to try the Fuji was the thought of shooting just jpg. The film simulations are just beautiful. I love ACROS and Classic Chrome both provide a most please image straight out of the camera. The PenF is no slouch in this area but I find I want to touch up the jpg just a touch more out of the PenF.

PenF – The Fuji viewfinder took some getting used to and even after I got used to it, I still liked the Olympus more. I know the Fuji has all kinds of options and maybe if I had played with it maybe I could have found something I liked more but natively the Olympus viewfinder is more pleasing.

PenF – This one is a no brainer. With the swivel and touch, it beats the Fuji hands down.

Ease of Use
PenF – Both of these cameras have all the dials right on the camera body so there is not much need to go menu diving. I like the Olympus dials more. It’s easier to adjust your settings on the fly. No need to lift anything up and turn – you just turn.

x100F – The Fuji wins only because it has a mic jack (even if you do need an adapter for it). The major downfall of the PenF is no mic jack. It’s one of the main features from keeping the PenF from being my only camera.

PenF – I ended up getting a lot of blurry shots from the Fuji because I have gotten so used to have stabilization that allows me to handhold my camera for several seconds and still get a sharp shot.

PenF – The Fuji is what it is. There are a few adapters to get a wide and a telephoto but as far as being able to “upgrade” your camera with different lenses the PenF is the clear winner. Olympus has some of the best PRO glass on the market.

All-Around Winner

Maybe, it’s because I know the Olympus system better but I also feel the sharpness is better on the Olympus. But I just feel the Olympus PenF is a more thought out camera which is easier to use. If the PenF was weather-resistant and had a mic jack I think it would be the perfect camera. The PenF is a beautiful all-around camera and I look forward to seeing what Olympus does with this line in the future.

Update Since writing this article I sold the Fuji x100f . I just love my Olympus PenF too much.

Example Photos

Photos from an afternoon at Antique Archeology in Nashville, TN. These are straight out of camera jpg and have only been resized and exported for the screen.  I did use different film simulations and color profiles on each camera to get the different looks. The Olympus photos were shot with the 17mm 1.8 though, I wish I had tested the 17mm 1.2 version


Fuji Examples

Olympus Examples