Continuing my newish tradition of a year in review (2017 and 2016 links), I present the 2018 year in review.

2018 was a much better year than in 2017. I shot more, traveled more, and just enjoyed photography more. Here is my year in review. These might not be the best pictures I took but they capture the essence of the year.

January – What a crazy month. I had a couple of events with Olympus Camera. They flew me out to San Francisco for an amazing weekend. Spending a weekend with fellow photographers and getting pampered by my favorite camera company – win!

February – I did more street photography this month. I loved this capture of this sweet couple. I wish I had framed it slightly different but I love it regardless.

March – Spring means tulips in Nashville. The local botanical garden, Cheekwood, plants thousands of tulips. It’s a photographers wonderland.

April – More street photography. I just love this shot – it’s so Nashville!

May – I headed north to Alaska! What a beautiful country. I was so happy with all the shots I got and it was hard to pick one that captured the feel of Alaska but I love this shot. It makes me feel the wonder of the area.

June – The fireflies were so abundant this summer. Every night while walking my dog they would be flying everywhere. One night I decided to try to capture them. I set up my camera in the grass and turned on Live Composite so only new light would be added to the image. I don’t know how long the exposure but I was happy with the end results with all the dancing fireflies.

July – It was a hot hot summer and I did not shoot a lot in July so pickings were very limited.

August – Fair! I love the fair. This shot sums un August for me. Fair rides!

September – The only event I shot all year. Sometimes I miss shooting concerts so I like to shoot at least once a year to remind myself why I don’t like to do it anymore! This was a fun event but crawling around with all my camera gear is just not as much fun anymore.

October – Another trip north! This time to the Northeast. It was so hard to pick an image. I visited Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. A lot of beautiful places in a week. I landed on the Portlandhead Lighthouse because this shot just makes me happy.

November – I was sick with allergy stuff a lot of this month so I did not get to shoot as much.

December – I was out shooting street photography and stumbled onto this quirky scene. It made me laugh.

Did you do a year in review? If so I would love to see it. Please drop me a link to your blog in the comments.