Day trips are an essential part of improving your photography skills. I love travel photograph but I’m not able to jump over to Europe every month so instead, I take day trips all around my area. So here are a few reasons I like to do day trips.

Day trips allow me to practice shooting in environments I don’t know. 
One thing about travel is no matter how much planning ahead you do there is always going to be something wrong. A car is in your shot, it’s raining or it’s sunny. If I’m putting myself out into the “wild” I get used to my camera in different environments and conditions. Practice, practice, practice.

Day trips allow me to practice composing shots on the go.
When traveling you may not have a lot of time to get the shot you need and training your eye to quickly see the best shot is imperative. Constantly putting yourself in situations you don’t know help train your eye so you are ready for that shot.

Day Trips are fun
Let’s be honest –  getting in your car and just driving is fun. Take another photographer friend and pick a direction. See what you can find. Take back roads, get lost on purpose. It sounds funny but having fun with your camera. I find the more I shoot, the more I want to shoot.  Also, day trips are cheap vacations – the cost of gas and food.

Do you take photo day trips? If so do you plan them or do you let yourself get lost?

Here are some pictures from a recent day trip I took. A friend and I hopped in my Jeep with my dog and headed North. We took back roads around Kentucky and found some interesting sites.