Life goes so fast that I think we can forget the small details that make up our days, weeks, months….It all starts blending together so I’ve decided to do a retrospect of each month so I can remember the highlights of that month. Some months might be exciting with a big trip while others month might be simple.

While big events shape us, it’s the small life events that smooth off the rough edges. It’s chasing fireflies, taking walks with the dog at the lake, stopping to take pictures of flowers that take your breath away, and remembering that getting lost on backroads is good for your soul.

Don’t forget to stop for the things that take your breath away.

June was a simple month for me. Filled with walks with my dogs, stopping for wildflowers, exploring backroads – the ordinary beautiful! 

My June Retrospect – Celebrating the Ordinary Beautiful

How are you celebrating the ordinary beautiful each month?