On the last full day in Alaska, I visited the city of Ketchikan. I was not in the actual town very long – just long enough to walk around and look at the shops. Most of my time was spent on a boat headed out to the Misty Fjords. It was a lovely day and great weather for being outside on a boat! On our way to the Fjords, we saw a lot of wildlife – from whales, seals, and porpoises. The tour guide said we were very lucky to see so much wildlife. I had borrowed a friends 75-300mm lens but even at that I still was not able to get a super close shot. Still, it was fun to watch the whales shoot water up into the air and jump up and dive into the water.

The Misty Fjords

It was actually a very sunny and warm day for the area. The tour guide even joked that they were taking us to the Fjords – not the Misty ones – because there was no mist that day. The boat ride was very pleasant and it was great to have most of the boat empty so I had plenty of room to walk around and get the shot I wanted.

All images shot with the Olympus EM1mkii and the Olympus 12-100 PRO and Olympus 75-300mm