Out of all the trips in Alaska, Skagway was one of my favorites. The little town tucked away in the inside passage – surrounded by beauty. The town itself is cute but still has a ton of jewelry stores (seriously what is it with these towns and jewelry stores?) and lots of touristy type shops but it’s a cute little town. The main draw for me was the White Pass train. 

The town of Skagway

Skagway is off the bottom right in this image.

White Pass Train

I was not sure what to think about the train ride. I was hoping to get some good shots but boy was I blown away with what I experienced. 

To say the views were stunning would be an understatement. Even though it was below freezing I could not bring myself to go inside the train. I did the whole way up and most of the way back outside on the little metal platform. There was just too much to take in. Around every corner my breath got taken away by the beauty surrounding me. 

White Pass Train Skagway

Views from the train


It started snowing about half way up the mountain and that added to all the snow still on the ground. The guide said we were lucky to see as much snow as we did and that in two weeks it would be mostly gone. I was shaking when we started defending and getting into warmer weather but to experience the beauty up on the mountains was worth every second. To this girl who grew up not ever being around snow this was such a great treat.

If you go to Alaska make sure you take this journey in Skagway! 


All photos taken on an Olympus EM1mkii and the 12-100 Pro lens. The thing I had to worry about in the snow and cold was making sure the front element of my lens was dry from snow flakes.