I’ve been back from Alaska for a few days and starting to finally get my land legs underneath me.  I will be editing Alaska photos for probably the rest of my life. I did not realize how many panos and bracketed photos I took – which means for one image could have 3-15+ shots. It’s hard to fit Alaska into one frame and so far I found one pano shot that is 20 pictures. Anyway enough geeky talk.

Alaska Highlights

Glacier Bay National Park

I think my favorite part of Alaska was Glacier Bay National Park. It’s absolutely stunning and we saw only a small corner of it. It was the perfect day blue skies with great cloud coverage. The glacier was calving (breaking off and falling into the water) often. To hear the crack of the ice and see it hit the water with such force – absolutely breathtaking.








Glacier National Park

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park

White Pass Train

Another amazing experience was the White Pass train in Skagway. Breathtaking views and so much snow! May is the first part of Alaska’s tourist season and they said in two weeks the snow would have been gone. I’m so glad I got to see so much snow on the top of the mountains.

Misty Fjords

The Misty Fjords were not so misty when I was there. It was blue skies and actually quite warm! I saw seals, killer whales, and pods of porpoises – add a stunning landscape for a magical time.

Misty Fjords Alaska

Camera Gear

All images shot on an Olympus EM1mkii. I’m so glad that my camera is weather resistant because it would randomly rain and I did not have to stop taking pictures except to wipe off my front lens element. I had the weather-resistant Olympus 12-100 mounted to my camera 95% of the time. This lens is just so amazing. I am very pleased with the results of this trip and while the camera does not make the photograph it certainly helps when the camera can keep up with the elements and lets the photographer do what they do without worrying about ruining their gear. 

Those are just a few highlights. I have thousands (yes, I literally mean thousands) of photos to go through. So these are just a small handful of favorites – I will post more as I go through and edit.

More photos and media coming soon!