Lunch after Alcatraz

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After the ferry ride back from Alcatraz, we headed to Boudin’s for lunch where I’m pretty sure almost everyone ate half a loaf of sourdough! It truly is the best sourdough bread out there! I spent lunch talking with Laura Hicks and Jay Dickman. Both are amazing photographers and kind people. It was fun listening to a few of Jay’s National Geographic stories.

The whole trip Olympus made sure we had amazing food. It was a foodie’s dream. This dessert from Boudins was almost too pretty to eat.


Olympus Visionary Alex McClure answering some questions about his filter set up.


Beach time!

The schedule had us shooting at Coit towers but, a last minute schedule change was made and we headed to the beach. I think everyone loved the beach! In my mind, nothing can compare to California beaches. I will take a rocky beach over white sands any day! My shoes came off and I walked in the water which was cool and refreshing. I took my tripod but ended up not using it because I decided being in the water was better than using my tripod. At one point I even stuck a 10-stop ND filter on my 12-100 and shot long exposures handheld without the IBIS in the Olympus cameras I would never have been able to do that.


Gallery Images

All images shot on an Olympus EM1mkii and a 12-100 PRO zoom.


The day ended at Ailment for the last feast with everyone. Great conversation and good food to end the night. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone and drag myself into bed for my 4:30 a.m. wake up call and a long day of traveling home.   Olympus is an amazing company. They are paying attention to what their users want,   what they are saying, and what they are shooting. They listen to suggestions for improvements on their cameras. They care about user experience and in this day and age that says a lot about what kind of company they are. Another thing that was great was all of the visionaries, that I talked to, were the kindest people. All the people on the trip were excited to be there and everyone was open to any questions.  I can’t thank Olympus and Mullen Lowe enough for this opportunity to hang out with old friends and meet so many new friends!

Group Shot

Drone shot by: Matthew Quinn