Part of Imaging USA was a great event called, “Drink and Click”. The event took place downtown at Tin Roof on Broadway and Olympus had rented the whole second floor. When entering you were given a raffle ticket to win a free EM1mkii and 12-40 Pro lens. You were also handed drink coupons. Olympus has a good sized table set up so you could borrow photo gear – they had a very large selection of camera bodies and lenses to chose from. I picked the Pen F and the new 45mm 1.2 PRO. I ended up shooting the combo all night! It was such a fun combo. The new 45mm is AMAZING! I’m still trying to figure out what I can sell to get this lens! 2018 was the year I’m going to get back into portraits a bit and this lens is drool worthy!

Walking around the venue there were mini burgers, chicken tenders, and a few food items. Being in Nashville there was a live band playing downstairs. Upstairs a model setup with a great lighting system in place. I ended up splitting my time between the band downstairs, the model upstairs, and talking to people.

Around the Venue

Olympus reps were everywhere. Any question you had was answered. They showed people fun settings on the cameras they were borrowing. They also offered pointers on photographing the models using various settings on the cameras.  Seriously a great bunch of people at this event making sure everyone had a good time and  got answers they wanted.

Jimmy Charles Band Playing

I even bumped into Chris Smith from Out of Chicago and chatted a bit about the upcoming Out of Chicago event – which you should totally go to! It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been too and the guests this year sound spectacular!

Drink and Click has another event  coming soon with Olympus in Florida. I know they hold them several times a year so check them out if they come to your area:

Model Shoot

I would like to thank the staff of Olympus and the Drink and Click team for making a spectacular night! It was a brilliant night of shooting photos and hanging out with other photographers.