How It Started

In late December 2017, I received an email asking me if I would like to fly to San Francisco with Olympus Camera for an experience weekend. Olympus wanted to thank some of their users with a trip, shooting experiences, and hanging with all the visionaries. It was not much of a decision! So this last weekend I headed out to San Francisco. Nine other people were included with this amazing honor. Click on their names to visit their websites.

Reba Baskett (myself)
Megan Crandlemire
Dehan Davis
Victoria Diaz
Adam Favre
Jerry James
Frank Kendralla
Jeffery McPheeters
Matthew Quinn
Jeff Sweet


I arrived late Thursday afternoon and had a car take myself, Jerry, and Frank to the hotel. Not long after checking into the hotel we met up with the other people attending and the Olympus staff so we could head to dinner at Hops and Hominy. After dinner Olympus handed out rental gear and swag bags. I ended up borrowing the 12-100 PRO and the 17mm 1.2 PRO lenses. After hanging out in the lobby for awhile I went to my room to rest up for the big day of shooting lined up.

Friday Part One

One of the neat things of the day was Derrick Story  (the tall guy in the picture) from The Digital Story joining us for the day. I have listened to his podcast and follow him on twitter but was not sure what to expect. To say Derrick is a great guy would be an understatement. It was so fun to hang out, shoot, and talk & listen to this guy.
The first stop was Battery Spencer park to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. We loaded into the van and headed to the park. It was an incredibly foggy morning, we could only see bits of the bridge at any point. Sometimes the fog was so thick that you could not even see the bridge. Thankfully there was plenty of other things to take pictures of. The contrasts that morning were extreme and the lighting changed every minute (or at least it seemed), which made shooting a challenge for me but one I was happy to undertake!

Gallery Images

All images shot on a Olympus EM1mkii and a 12-100 PRO zoom.


Part two of day one coming tomorrow.