I for one am very glad 2017 is over. I thought 2016 was a hard year but this one… well I’m glad it’s over. I thought about not doing my favorite photos of the year. I was not able to shoot as much as I wanted but I decided a look down memory lane to see what images I could find.

January – I started the year with some street photography in Nashville.  I met Klayton and we talked about his story.

February – Mystical Arts of Tibet group came to Nashville, TN working on a Sand Mandala painting. It was an amazing process to work.

March  – My sweet dog was starting to slow down so when she had good days I took her out exploring. This was my favorite photo I took of her before she passed in June.

April – When the weather warms up I like to head downtown for some street photography.

May – Exploring time at the lake as the trees come back to life.

June – I did not take any photos of note in June. I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog and I just took some time off.

July – I went on my first trip in a while. I went to Ozone falls and what a beautiful fall it is!

August – In mid-August, I welcomed a new little girl into my life. She was an abused and neglected rescue.

September –  I headed to the Smoky Mountains and enjoyed some time with the local horses in Cades Cove.

October – I had not shot many macros so I decided to play around with my macro lens.

November –  Fall is the most wonderful time of the year!

December –  I had never seen these before but one morning I woke up and saw these beautiful frost flowers everywhere.

Welcome 2018