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Seriously Excited!

Yesterday I got the word that Olympus would be flying me to San Francisco in January. I’m not sure of the full itinerary but I know they will have activities with great photo opportunities lined up. I could not be more excited.

I also found out that I get to see some of my online Olympus photography friends like Jamie MacDonald, Mike Boening, Laura Hicks, Alex McClure, and all the other Olympus visionaries. Also I get to see a friend I met in Chicago a few years back Victoria Diaz along with meeting some new photography friends. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

I’ve been shooting Olympus cameras a large part of my life and exclusively since around 2012. This is an exciting adventure! I can’t wait to share more details as the time gets closer.

Drink and Click

Also if you are in Nashville area be sure to check out the Drink and Click with Olympus on January 15. It’s a free event and they are giving away a killer camera system but you do need to register at: