When I lost my sweet 10 year old Yorkie-Poo, Abbie, I was done with dogs. I was taking a break and not going to get another dog. After almost two months I started missing having a dog. I started casually looking at local rescues and saw so many cute dogs that needed good homes. I knew I was heading to Texas to visit my parents so I decided to just look at the humane site in their area and that is when it happened.

First Sight

I saw her. The sweetest little face – a 7 month old Malti-Poo. I quickly called my mom and asked her to go see this dog. She was currently unavailable to adopt. My mom went over and saw her and talked to the people who told me to call. I called the store and they told me she was not available and they were not sure when she would be. I informed them I would be there in a week and I wanted to meet her. They told me to get there and we would see.

1000 miles and almost a week later, I pulled into the Petsmart in Midland, TX, where the humane has their location. I walked in and my heart dropped she was still unavailable. I pet her and talked to her. I knew I wanted her but the adoption specialist still had not released her. I found out she was an owner surrender. She came into the facility in really bad condition. She was malnourished – covered in ticks, cuts, and mats. They were doing their best to get her to a safe point for adoption. They had spayed her, microchipped her, tended to her cuts, groomed her as best as they could.


My parents were in a meeting when I was visiting this sweet dog but now it was time for me to leave her without talking to the adoption specialist. I went and met my parents and had lunch, hung out, and caught up. Later that day my mom and I went over to the humane and got to talk to the adoption specialist. She listened to me and then told me she would let me get in the room with her to see how she did. I was the first person to spend time with her. After a few minutes I knew I wanted her but she was still unavailable to adopt. After talking more to me the adoption specialist told me she was going to make her available but she had people in front of me who wanted her. I was supposed to call her the next day to see how the process was going.


I patiently waited till 12:30, when the adoption specialist got in, to make the call. She was with someone, my heart sank thinking she was adopting out my dog. I called back and she told me if I wanted her that I could come get her. She could tell I loved her and would give this sweet girl a good life. I drove over and filled out the paperwork, bought all the supplies, and went to my parents house with this sweet girl. I stayed in Texas a few more days while I got to know her. I named her Sadie. A few days later, we started the 1000 mile journey back to Nashville.

Settling In

We’ve been back in Nashville a week today. Sadie is adjusting to the good life. We are working through her past abuses. She still hunkers down from time to time but tail wags are getting more common than the look of fear. We are going through training and I’m teaching her to play with toys. Making up for the neglect and abuse she faced. She cuddles with me at night and wiggles when I walk in the door. She is my sweet girl who made me believe in love at first sight.