This last week I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog. It has been a very hard week to say the least. I decided I needed to get out and clear my head a bit so I found a waterfall I had not been too and headed out.  Ozone Falls is about two hours East of Nashville off of I-40. It’s really easy to find and a very short hike. I later found out the VERY steep trail I went down was actually not a trail but just the side of a cliff. So the trails are not marked well but don’t feel like you have to scale the cliff face down to get to the bottom of the falls. Look for the unmarked or well hidden trail that follows the wall down to the falls.

Ozone falls is on 43 acres of natural area. Though the trip to the waterfall is very short. In winter when the leaves are off I would guess there are spectacular views from the top of the falls. The falls themselves are a very nice 100′ drop. At the bottom it does not feel like you are in Tennessee. Which would also be why the movie Jungle Book filmed some scenes for the movie in this location.

Unless you are exploring the area or driving through to the mountains this is not the best day trip from Nashville because the hike is so short. But it would make a great pit stop on the way to the Smokies.