This weekend the Mystical Arts of Tibet group has been in Nashville, TN working on a Sand Mandala painting. I went to the opening ceremony to watch them bless the space and start chalking the outlines. It was a fascinating process to watch the detail that goes into just the outline of one of these pieces. The Mystical Arts of Tibet, a touring company of monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery (exiled from Tibet and currently based in South India) are in town to create the art work that will be on display at the Frist Center. They will be working on the painting through Valentines day and the work will remain on display through May. The Monks will return in May to destroy that painting. They will walk it down the street and dump it into the Cumberland river.

If you are in Nashville and have a chance to go watch them. At this point I have not seen what they do with the sand but just watching the chalk outline was amazing.