You never know who you will bump into in Downtown Nashville. It’s an odd mix of musicians, tourists, bachelorette parties, street performers, and sports fans (when a NFL or NHL game is on). Street photography can be very hit or miss downtown and then there are days when you hit the jackpot.

He was sitting on a corner when I spotted him from across the street. I watched him as I crossed over…he asked everyone something. As I got closer I heard him ask, “Do you have 10,000 I can have?”, he said with a mischievous grin. Funny thing is I think the question was so out of the blue most people talked to him. Most answers came in the form of “I wish”. When I got closer he asked me and I informed him I did not have the money but I wished I did. He asked me if Trump would help. I laughed and told him I did not think he would. “But he’s got it”, he smirked. He asked me if I had any cash because he had to buy cat food. I did not have cash but I offered to buy him a burger for lunch so all the money he had could buy cat food.

Asking people for $10,000

Twittey Whitty. That is the name of his cat. He told me stories of his mischievousness and how he was the best company. When he was down it was his cat who cheered him up. He got serious and told me his wife had died several years ago and he missed her. He was scared to join her. He has already had two heart attacks. “You know when the ambulance lights are on that it’s serious”.

“My name is Klayton”, he switched gears and began talking about the places he had performed. He was so happy that he recently had five gigs at a local venue. He wondered where I was from and when I told him Nashville his whole face lit up. He gave me his business cards and told me he had created an app with a friend. We talked a few more minutes then I told him I had to get going because I was running out of parking meter. He asked if he could sing me a song for buying him a burger.

Klayton offered me a fist bump and I headed on my way. As I was walking back to my car I was thinking about how you just never know who you will bump into. His name was Klayton and he wanted $10,000 and even more someone to talk to him.