Today was the Women’s March on Washington – Nashville edition.  I headed out to take photos and see the people turn up. It was amazing to see all the people who turned up and the variety of people. It made me proud to call Nashville my home. When I told friends I was going they were worried it would not be peaceful but this is Nashville and while we state our opinions we also state them with respect.  You can have protests without riots. This was about having voices heard.

I have not heard the final estimate but I would guess somewhere close to 10,000 people showed up. The march went across the pedestrian bridge, up second avenue, and up the the public square. There were so many people marching that as people were still crossing the bridge you could see them already marching up second avenue.

I ended up shooting a lot of video but have not had time to edit it yet. So here are a few of my favorite photos from today. Thanks Nashville you are awesome!