One of the things I’ve done to speed up my workflow on my camera is to hide the Olympus art filters and picture modes that I do not use. Doing this speeds up what you see when you are in the Super Control Panel Picture Mode and in the Art Filter Dial.

One piece of information if you shoot just RAW then this is not for you. All the following settings relate directly to how jpg come out of your camera. Art filters and picture modes will not be written to RAW files.

What are Art Filters and Picture Modes?

What are art filters? 

Art filters add effects to your jpg files straight out of camera. Art filters can be quite fun to play with but there are a few that I personally do not like, such as: soft focus, pale & light color, light tone, key line, and watercolor. I know some people who can use these wonderfully but for me they just don’t do it and I would rather not see them each time I flip through. It’s much faster to get to dramatic and vintage when I don’t have so many extras.

What are Picture Modes?

Picture modes are not art filters but they change the way your jpg looks out of camera. The picture modes are: I-Enhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait. There are also some more creative type picture modes such as: Monotone and Color Creator.

Each of these modes renders your jpg differently. When I shoot jpg I tend to like the natural and vivid modes. I like the monotone but I have a custom profile setup that is more specific to how I like my pictures to look and I will go into that in a later tip.

Turn Off Art Filters and Picture Modes

  • With your camera turned on hit the ‘menu’ button on the back of your camera
  • Go to the custom menu that looks like two gears. If you do not see the custom menu then follow these steps:
    -Go to the setup menu, it looks like a wrench, and scroll down to the custom menu display and turn that on.
    -Now you should see the custom menu in the main menu
  • From the custom menu scroll to ‘D’
  • Scroll down to ‘Picture Mode Settings’
  • Scroll through all the options and turn off the art filters and picture modes you don’t use. If you change your mind at some point you just click them back on to display the option again.

Accessing Art Filters and Picture Modes on your camera.

There are a few ways to access the modes on your camera.

artmodeArt Filter Dial

  • The easiest way is through the art filter dial.
  • Flip your camera to the dial and you will immediately see that last art filter used.
  • When you first switch to art filter you can easily change the filter by hitting the OK button on your camera. A menu will come up with all the art filters you have showing.
  • This will not work for all the picture modes though.

To access the picture modes

  • Make sure your camera dial is on: P, A, S, or M
  • Hit OK to access your super control panel.
  • In the upper right hand corner you will find your picture modes.
  • When the super control panel is active you can change through picture modes and art filters by using the front dial of your camera.
  • You can also change these by hitting the OK button and using the read dial wheel

Olympus gives us lots of ways to use our camera. The one thing I love is all the customization you can do but it can seem overwhelming as well. Once you get to know a few tricks you will be shooting more than ever.

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