Waterloo Falls

About an hour East of Nashville is the town of Cookeville, TN. A few of the notable features are several waterfalls very close to the city. Today I travelled to a waterfall that I had never visited called Waterloo. It’s about 30 minutes north of Cookeville on a small backroad. The waterfall is actually on private property but they let you park next to the fall.

The climb down to the fall is steep. I attempted the climb with my camera bag, tripod, and small dog. I ended up having to toss my tripod and camera gear across a small divide to get myself and my dog over. This is not a fall I would not recommend going to alone. There is no cell phone service so if you were to have an accident it could be a while before anyone finds you.

Waterloo Waterfall

Caney River

One of my favorite things about going to the fall was passing over the Caney River. I have passed over the river many times but when I passed it today I noticed the fog was coming off the river and it was absolutely beautiful. From the interstate it’s not easy to access. I found a rest stop that had a fishing access point to the river. It took awhile to find the trail down to the river because of the massive over growth. Once down on the river I found several fishermen and such a beautiful foggy scene. I ended up exploring for about an hour and found a wealth of wildflowers, bugs, and more. If you are passing through I-40 it’s a wonderful rest stop by the Caney River.