One of the prettiest places in Tennessee is a small college town called Sewanee. The University of the South is an Episcopal college sitting in the rolling Tennessee hills.

Sewanee Cathedral

The cathedral architecture is based on the famous Canterbury cathedral in England. In 1876 the builders brought a block of stone from the original cathedral to be the cornerstone for the building of the Tennessee.

The cathedral is open to all. Scheduled tours and church services are the only time the cathedral is busy. Most of the time the cathedral is empty except for people wandering around taking in the beauty.

Sewanee Cemetery

Behind the cathedral is a beautiful old cemetery. A metal gate and arched stone entry lead you into the cemetery. You will find all varieties of Celtic crosses and moss-covered headstones. Because of the age a lot of the headstones are covered in moss.

Not far from the cathedral is a beautiful overlook called Cross overlook. It’s a beautiful overlook of the valley below. Once arriving it’s very easy to see why it got the name a 60ft cross sits before the overlook.

Downtown Sewannee has a few little shops and cafes. The Blue Chair cafe and tavern is one to check out if you are looking for a good breakfast or lunch.