When I woke up this morning I was greeted by fog. Lovely dense fog. Some people hate fog but it makes me happy. I love the way fog shapes a landscape. Fog brings out the magic in an area. With all the fog I headed to one of my favorite spots to take a nature walk, Radnor Lake. Radnor lake is a place that I take photos often. It’s an oasis in the city of Nashville. On any given day you can spot heron, deer, owls, and all sorts of wildlife.


The lake enclosed by fog.

Barn Owl

This morning at Radnor I spotted the barn owl hunting for food. Actually more like it spotted me. I was resting at one of the platforms over looking the lake and when I got back on the trail there it was. It was sitting on the trail posts watching it’s food. I’m glad I saw it because had I kept walking it would have flown off and scared me to death.  I sat watching her for a minute and then she took off in the trees to get a higher view.

A Few More Sites

You never know what you will stumble upon in Radnor.