Back in November 2015, I spent a week in Paris, so naturally, I did a little street shooting. I was with a family member so I did not get to do as much shooting as I really wish to do. Shooting street photography is very hard when you have to take into account someone other than yourself. So take this into consideration on your trip to Paris.

I have shot street photography in: Nashville, Chicago, New York City, London, Glasgow, Dublin, San Francisco, and more. I have to say shooting street photography in Paris was quite a different experience. Here are a few tips I learned from my time in Paris.


Tips for Shooting Street Photography In Paris

  1. Take Your Time  
    More so than any city I would say take your time in Paris. Grab a coffee and sit outside at a street corner cafe. Watch and observe. Paris has a unique rhythm.
  2. Watch Your Devices
    You won’t see a lot of electronic devices being used, except with tourists. I noticed the French people would very rarely be on their phone. In subways, they would be reading books – print books. You would see them carrying newspapers. It’s an interesting
  3. Interesting series
    If I make it back to Paris I would love to do a series of photos. A few series that would be interesting: sitting in cafes’, carrying baguettes, smoking cigarettes, and fashion shots.
  4. Art Museums
    Paris has some of the most amazing art museums and you can take photos in them – just no flash photography. I loved watching people in the museums almost as I loved the artwork and I was an art major in college. ¬†Catching people’s expressions while gazing upon a masterpiece so don’t forget to capture people in museums.
  5. Travel Light
    Make sure you are not loaded down with gear. Paris can get busy, the subway very full. You don’t want a big bag of gear slowing you down. I would suggest one camera body and two lenses. Of course, take extra memory cards and batteries but keep your gear light for a more enjoyable day.

Where To Shoot Street Photography In Paris

  1. Everywhere!
    Paris is a wonderland for photographers. Even if you are not shooting street photography Paris is a gem.
  2. Tourist Areas
    Taking pictures in tourist areas you will get glimpses of Paris and well-known backdrops.
  3. Back Streets
    Don’t forget about to turn off the main streets and get real-life Paris. Bakeries, flower shops, cafes. It’s all beautiful.

Next time you are in Paris have fun snapping! Just remember to be respectful when shooting street photography. Also, learn a few basic phrases in French.

Here are a few of the images I captured in Paris.