Camera Gear

Let’s face it we have all gone through it. What you might ask? That burning desire for new camera gear. You never know when it will strike. Recently I found myself trolling eBay looking for a deals on camera bodies and lenses. I want one that does X and mine only does Y. This camera has a bigger sensor, a smaller body, shoots video, etc.. We have all done it. It’s called g.a.s. (gear acquisition syndrome). So I had to set rules for myself of when not to buy gear.

When You Should Not Buy New Camera Gear

  • When you feel stuck.
    I have been taking photos a long time. So sometimes that can switch into automatic. I find myself shooting the same things, the same way. I always feel like I need something new and when I can’t find something new I do feel a bit stuck.
  • When you are bored.
    I love to travel but right now I am grounded, for various reasons, so I’m looking at gear to buy. It won’t fill the travel void but I can convince myself it will. I am bored with Nashville so that translates into new gear.
  • When you have extra money.
    This is a hard one for me. I do freelance work so when I get a check it’s always a thought of where should I spend this money. It’s hard to translate that into where should I save this money. Also saving that extra money for an amazing trip. A great trip to Iceland is a camera body and a couple of lenses.
  • When you see a great picture shot on a different system.
    This is a point I have fallen for this. I love Fuji color so much that I bought a camera body with two lenses. Quickly I found out while I really like that color the camera bodies are not my favorite.
  • When you are frustrated.
    This ties into point 1 but also extends out. I have not been able to shoot as much this year so it has left me frustrated. The mindset of getting something new to play with will help me be less frustrated is crazy. If I don’t have time for my current gear how will I have time for my new camera gear?

Focus on Photos

I heard this great quote about shooting video so I am borrowing it and changing it to photography. If I think I am a photographer then I need to focus on taking photos rather than buying camera gear. That is the key. Taking photos. Get outside and enjoy your current camera gear. It’s time to beat g.a.s.

Do you have more reasons for not buying new gear? If so share below.