I often get asked what my favorite photographic combination to shoot photos with is so I decided to address this question.


My EM5mkII and the Olympus 17mm 1.8. Taken on an iPhone 6s.

The short answer is, the Olympus EM5mkII and the Olympus 17mm 1.8. The combination is little and stealthy. It’s easy to carry everywhere. It weighs almost nothing and can easily be carried in any bag.

The Olympus 17mm my Favorite Photographic Combo

The Olympus 17mm is approximately a 35mm field of view. I find I like the wider view that the 17 provides compared to other Olympus primes*. (note I do not have the 12mm)

The 1.8 aperture on this lens allows me to shoot in low light, if needed. I can quickly go in and out of buildings when strolling a town.

One of the features I love on the 17mm is the quick manual focus ring. It pulls back and you are in manual focus. I also love the sharpness from this little powerhouse. I’m never disappointed when I get my shots into Adobe Lightroom.

Family Photography

If you are looking for a great way to document your family life this is the pick. Those great documentary style family photos would shine with the 17mm. The lens would give that documentary look. Also, the fast 1.8 would allow you to shoot in a variety of indoor situations.

Street Photography

This lens is made for street photography. The lens is small and discrete. I add a hood and it’s still one of the smallest lenses that I have. It adds no weight and it’s not going to draw massive attention. This is my go-to lens when I plan on walking the streets and documenting life. It’s gone with me to Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and more.

Walk Around

This lens with any combination of Olympus body is a true winner. It’s the perfect walk around lens.

Below is a gallery of random shots with the Olympus 17mm.