I have been using the Replay app for about a year but recently GoPro bought the app and changed the name to Quik. This is a quick review of Quik. This is a great little app for on the go video creation.

When you open you will see the Quik logo. You will see three options: For you, Create, and My Videos. The For you creates weekly videos of your clips if you give the app permission to access for photos and videos. Create is just as it sounds, this is where you create your videos. My videos is the area you can see your past videos, save, or share to social media.

Creating a Quik Video

When you hit create you are presented with all your media. Simply select the media you want to use in your video. After you hit okay you are presented with a video that is made for you. You can easily customize the style by changing one of the themes at the bottom of your screen.

You can also change the music from the note icon. Change the format and duration from the wrench. And the best part is the edit from the pencil.

The edit is actually pretty powerful for a mobile app. Once you enter the edit you can swap the order of the clips, add text, trim your video clips, turn sound on/off for each clip, and a few more other little tricks. From the scissors icon you can quickly scrub through your video and pick your end and out point. Quik makes it easy to cut out those few seconds when you recorded your feet, accidently.

One thing to point out is Quik natively saves your videos in 720p, which is fine for most people, if you want to save your video in 1080p hit the little gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and turn on the 1080p option. I hope that one day in the future it allows you to save 4k videos as well.

The Quik app makes it incredibly easy to put together a fun video to share. The following video took me under 5 minutes to create and share. I could have spent more time fine tuning but for the purpose of quick content, this little powerhouse can’t be beat.

Watch a Quik Video

This footage was taken with my iPhone except the pictures of the owls. I imported those in from my Olympus camera. Any media you can import you can use. I plan on using this feature when I travel. I will use the wifi connect from my Olympus OMD and pull over video clips and photos to my iPad. This is another step closer to leaving the laptop at home and truly travelling light.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason not to have quick installed on your phone or tablet. This is my go-to quick video editing on the go. Sure you can wait to get to your computer, open up Final Cut or Premiere, and spend a few hours editing. Why? Spend 5-10 minutes and get a quick shareable video.

Download Quik now